TANGENT participates in POLIS’ Multimodal Traffic Management Days

On September 13-14, the Traffic Efficiency Working Group of POLIS delved into the key issues linked to traffic management and how cities, regions, and their transportation partners are addressing these challenges.

The Mobility & Traffic Efficiency Working Group deals with the comprehensive topic of managing multimodal transportation networks, both from a strategic and technical standpoint. Its primary aim is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and discussions on contemporary transportation practices, emerging developments, and the evolving European policies associated with network management, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and data.

POLIS’ colleagues presented the TANGENT project and linked it to the session’s general themes: traffic planning, multimodal network management, and the EU’s regulatory framework for real-time traffic information (RTTI).

The event also examined the transition from the traditional car-centric approach to traffic management toward a system that integrates and prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation and offered a comprehensive overview of the European regulations that are influencing cities and regions.

During the meeting, representatives from cities such as Brussels and Oxford, as well as regions like Overijssel and Greater Manchester, shared their insights into the strategies they have explored and the obstacles they have encountered.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to learn from our sister project DIT4TraM, and Horizon Europe traffic management projects SYNCHROMODE and ACUMEN, to witness firsthand how many of these technologies and approaches are being implemented.


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