Greater Manchester

United Kingdom

Optimization of transport flows both in urban and in rural/ semi-rural region


Greater Manchester has 2.7 million inhabitants, and counts over 5.6 million journeys across its public transport network every day. Greater Manchester will take advantage of existing sensing infrastructure for transport monitoring, such as automatic traffic counters, CCTV, a network of Bluetooth sensor, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), C-ITS infrastructure, video analytics sensors.

⦁ Increase the use of sustainable transport to reduce the negative impacts of car use
⦁ Reduce greenhouse emissions and pollutants emitted by motorized traffic

TANGENT maps multi-modal traffic flow and assesses the causes of congestion to identify ‘pinch points’ in the network. Furthermore, it contributes to improving travel choices, assists in providing customer journey information and encourages sustainable mobility through comprehensive multimodal mobility information, traffic predictions and route recommendations, delivered to users and transport operators.

Through the “Smart Network Load Balance” service, TANGENT is contributing to optimizing transport both in urban areas and rural/semi-rural regions in Greater Manchester by balancing demand and supply across different modes. It suggests different strategies and measures to transport authorities and operators, including alternative traffic signal timings, variable speed limits, re-routing, pricing, incentives, with a particular interest in promoting sustainable modes.


Fostering intermodal cooperation of passenger and freight transport in urban areas


Integrated urban and interurban transport management with C-ITS

Greater manchester

Optimization of transport flows both in urban and in rural/ semi-rural region


Future transport management with CAVS – Virtual
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