The Project


Transport infrastructure, vehicle technology and mobility digitalisation are progressively improving, while the movement of people and transport of goods is continuously increasing.

European transport systems still face major challenges in terms of safety, greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion and its derived costs.

To solve these issues, connected intelligent transport systems and infrastructure are being deployed, namely more efficient multimodal transport (e.g., new business models, improved safety and efficiency and enhanced customer experience).

However, these new systems come with challenges. Despite high transport data availability, the services provision granularity is generally low and data formats’ heterogeneity high especially when different stakeholders and transport modes are involved. The exchange of information, cooperation, and synchronization remain insufficient.

As a result, there is a lack of coordination between supply and demand from a multimodal perspective and the efficiency of the overall transport system is not optimised.

Improvements in the resilience of the overall transport network to foreseen and unforeseen events/disruptions affecting transport infrastructure and operations are essential.