TANGENT took part in the TRA Conference under a special session with sister projects

TANGENT participated in the TRA Conference held in Lisbon between 14-17 November. The project presented in a joint session organized by the 4FRONT Cluster (TANGENT, DIT4TraM, ORCHESTRA, FRONTIER) and HARMONY project. 

The session, called A snapshot to the traffic management of the future, was moderated by Thiago Tavares, CINEA. It presented approaches to tackle new challenges and opportunities related to technology, society, operation, business and governance. It also discussed further topics related to network and traffic management, such as: System engineering architecture, Data sharing, User behaviour and acceptance. In addition, TANGENT partner NTUA participated in the Scientific and Technical Session entitled Transport planning and policy for recovery and resilience by presenting a scientific paper on travel behaviour shifts under extreme system-level disruptions. 

Finally, TANGENT partners had the opportunity to discuss preliminary project’s findings, identified challenges and future implications with TRA participants that visited the project’s booth throughout the duration of the conference. 




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