TANGENT Launches a Webinar Series

A webinar series on network and traffic management

TANGENT is launching a webinar series on network and traffic management that will span between the end of 2023 and the first half of 2024.

The series is part of the project’s ‘Multi-Actor Cooperation Models and Policies’ work package, where one of the key objectives is to coordinate the project’s partnership strategy engaging key stakeholders and experts (such as authorities and decision-makers, traffic managers, transport operators, service providers, industry, research organizations and users) in thematic discussions to steer effective knowledge exchange.

The four-part Webinar series aims to present key project results and tools developed, collecting feedback from stakeholders and experts.

Webinar 1

‘Navigating through Network and Traffic Management: An Urban Phenomenon’ is an introductory webinar on network and traffic management made for everyone working in mobility and transport sector.

Webinars 2 and 3

They focus on the technical aspects of the TANGENT project, involving topics such as ‘Real-Time Traffic Modelling and Forecasting Tools’ and ‘Transport Network Optimization and Arbitration Models’.

Webinar 4

‘Integrated Tool for Cooperative Traffic Management and Results of Case Study Implementation’, will give an in-depth overview of the tool developed within the TANGENT project through case study implementation in Rennes, Lisbon, Greater Manchester, and Athens.

With constant feedback from the stakeholders and experts via the Webinar Series through the TANGENT Forum activities, the effective knowledge exchange would assist in the future market uptake of the project’s results.

A first webinar introducing network and traffic management

TANGENT has invited two speakers to present network and traffic management at the urban level. They will give an overview of what “network and traffic management” involves, how a metropolitan area, like Greater Manchester, approaches traffic management and what exactly they do in their control room, and how policies at the EU level impact local traffic management.

Laura Babío Somoza (Project Manager – Coordinator Just Transition Taskforce and Co-coordinator Traffic Efficiency Working Group, POLIS Network)

Hannah Tune (Intelligent Transport Systems Development Manager, Transport for Greater Manchester)

Practical information

Webinar 1: Navigating through Network and Traffic Management: An Urban Phenomenon
Wed, 15 November from 14:00 – 15:00 CET
This event is tailor-made for everyone working in the mobility sector (this will not be a technical webinar!).

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