TANGENT completes a second round of one-to-one workshops with its cities

The transport stakeholders of the cities of Rennes, Lisbon and Greater Manchester successfully completed a second round of workshops with TANGENT’s technical partners.

Earlier this year, in-person sessions took place in each city to identify the direct and indirect traffic management stakeholders, define their traffic network and discuss their needs for the project. This second set of half-day workshops allowed each city to define the needs and system requirements for each service, and the functionalities they need and desire for TANGENT’s tools. As a reminder, TANGENT will lead to the development of new complementary tools for optimizing traffic operations in a coordinated and dynamic way from a multimodal perspective and considering automated / non-automated vehicles, passengers, and freight transport.

Through these workshops, each city clarified the type of support they required, specific zones of interest within their urban perimeters, and requirements they would need for each service: dashboards and APIs, traffic management services and transport network optimization for transport authorities. They had the opportunity to give their opinions and answer to questions including “How would you like to visualize and monitor the current state of the traffic?” or “Which stakeholders could be interested in subscribing to the information service provided by TANGENT to make the response plan possible in case of any kind of event?”.

These workshops are part of the first “Analysis and Preparation” phase of TANGENT’s methodology. They will be followed by the “Implementation” phase, where the tools subsystems will be tested, and feedback gathered, and finally the “Validation” phase where the tools will be implemented in the cities and their reliability analysed.


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