Survey: cooperative decision-making in transport network management

Are you involved in decision-making processes with stakeholders in the field of transport network management?

When multiple services, systems and stakeholders operate in the transport network, it is often difficult to agree upon the network parametrization that will lead to its optimal functioning.  For instance, what is more important when deciding the appropriate toll price of a congestion pricing scheme: minimizing congestion within the charging zone or ensuring that traffic conditions outside the area stay reasonable?

At TANGENT, we aim to assist in building consensus-based decisions on this and similar problems, by creating a state-of-the-art consensus-reaching mechanism. This novel mechanism, will be capable to estimate the consensual opinion by taking into account both stakeholders’ preferences as well as the dynamics between them, as those are expressed by their communication and cooperation patterns.

For that, we have created a questionnaire to capture the communication and cooperation patterns between stakeholders involved in the decision-making process of management of the transport network, as well as their preferences about different network objectives.

Fill in the questionnaire!

The questionnaire is on an excel file you can complete and send it three easy steps:

1. Download the survey

2. Fill it in

3. Upload it to this google form

This survey is aimed at stakeholders with knowledge of the decision-making, cooperation and communication patterns between stakeholders involved in the management of the transport network. Respondents can represent various entities such as public or private public transport operators, mobility service providers, traffic managers, transport authorities, infrastructure providers & operators, technology providers etc.

If you have any questions or remark regarding the questionnaire, feel free to contact NTUA directly:


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