Lisbon transport stakeholders share their insights with TANGENT

On the 21st of March, the first TANGENT workshop with end-users was organized in the heart of Lisbon, to gather inputs from key local mobility stakeholders. Lisbon is one of the four pilot cities of the project and they will improve integrated urban and interurban transport management using C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems).

The workshop brought together local transport stakeholders and TANGENT partners, which includes local governments (Rennes, Greater Manchester, Lisbon and Athens), universities, technical partners, and other organisations. Together, they co-defined a vision for Lisbon, highlighted preliminary features of the local transport system (technological design and information systems, organisational structures, decision-making procedures, etc.) and drew a way forward.

Local government representatives from the four pilot cities had the opportunity to meet in person and exchange knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm on their way forward within TANGENT. The supporting partners will work hand in hand with the cities, until August 2024, to find integrated and tailored solutions to create enhanced data processing techniques for dynamic management of multimodal transport networks.

This is the first of several workshops led by Rupprecht Consult. The next one will be held in Rennes on March 29th and the following in Manchester on April 28th.


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